"Heroes" (David Bowie) Official Music Video (Circle @Home No. 12)

Directed by: Jon Luini
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"David Bowie's 'Heroes' is one of my favorite songs ever, and a chance to tip our hat to all those frontline workers on every level from the grocery stores, to the policeman and firefighters, doctors etc. that put their own lives at risk & do their jobs to help others. For us it kind of sums up 2020, the whole year. And to release it so close to his birthday and passing just makes it that more special." - Sammy

All proceeds from the song "Heroes" will be donated to food banks nationwide.

Episode 12 of the Circle @Home Sessions, featured on the "Lockdown 2020" release, available now at http://smarturl.it/LD2020

Directed by Jon R. Luini (Chime Interactive)
Edited by Jon R. Luini & Mark G. Thornton
Motion graphics by Mark G. Thornton
Audio mixed by Jaimeson Durr
Audio mastered by Trakworx Mastering & Recording
Produced by The Circle and Jon R. Luini

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