"Halfway To Memphis" - Sammy Hagar w/ Vic Johnson Acoustic Rehearsal (May 2014)

Directed by: jon r. luini
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An intimate moment with Sammy and Vic in this exclusive rehearsal run-through of the song "Halfway To Memphis", originally off of 2006's "Livin' It Up" album. Acoustic Sammy Hagar w/ Vic Johnson album coming soon!

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When is the acoustic work coming? Been looking forward to it.

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I truly can't decide which flavor of this song I prefer, and I've listened to both over and over.

The Not 4 Sale version, with its Jesse Harms organ overtones, has such a spiritual / gospel feel to it, but the Livin' It Up countrified version almost feels more natural to the spirit of the song. Both versions work for me completely, which is an obvious credit to the songwriter himself.

It makes me imagine other twangy revisits of his catalog, including:

- Free Money
- Inside Looking In (Not too much of a stretch)
- Would You Do It For Free? (big stretch)
- I've Done Everything For You (playing this one "country" is pretty easy, actually)
- Two Sides of Love (imagine with a slide guitar instead)
- Make it Last (ditto)

I could go on and on, but I tried to pull some older ones.

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Hi everyone ! Sorry if my post is not proper but I'd have to celebrate ! Sammy , people don't always understand why your fans are so loyal . We all pray for Steve and his family . And for all of us in sac , we will do what we can for Steve's family. Sammy I met you with my 12 year old son when we stood in the rain for twelve hours in the rain it was your book tour When you came to Barnes and nobles. I thanked you before and i thank you Again Sammy. I'm not a hot woman (like your wife !) and that's whAt I love about you. As a man as a husband you've made clear who you are. Thank you for treating ( averAge guy ) as you would pretty girls.
Most of All ,
Sammy , thank you . You didn't have to do that! Sammy's Rockin island take 1.10 here we go , after all .... All we need is an island

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This song always makes me misty... I was born and raised in Memphis. loving Sammy since forever. Finally got to meet him in 1997 with the wabos at the St. Pete Clearwater Airport. My boyfriend serviced his Marching to Mars airplane, he invited us to the bash in Cabo, and the rest is history! He is such a real person! Can't wait for the new album!!!!!!

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The lyric is "feel like a circle again" I think it means to feel whole again...complete.

Jeff Buckley was a popular singer who had a short career but was very critically acclaimed. He died young by drowning while taking a swim with his clothes on in a river...I assume Sammy is making some kind of reference to him or his death.

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He's right .the original (more rock) version was on not 4 sale .the country version is on livin it up

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It's why you're the best in the business!!!

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YES!!!! I'm as excited for this release as any other of Sammy's!!! Sammy always sings with feeling & passion, and acoustic versions always seem to bring out even more "heart and soul"!!! SUPER PUMPED! THANKS SAMMY FOR ALWAYS INNOVATING WITH YOUR MUSIC!!

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Was always curious abouit the line about "Young Jeff Buckly blood"- anybody knows what that means?
And also the line- "until you feel that light circle again" ?

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Sweet pure music at its finest!

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VERY NICE! It's apparent this song was written before it's time. With all the country music craze. May I suggest throwing in a slide guitar musician with a bolo tie, a cowboy hat and some cowboy boots. I bet it would hit the top 40 on the pop country charts too! But personally I like the acoustic version with you Sammy. Just the radiochickie's opinion. LOL

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Halfway To Memphis was on Livin It Up and Not 4 Sale...

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I thought Half way to Memphis was off the Not 4 sale album.

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Absolutely Awesome Sam and Vic! GOOSEBUMPS!!!