Father Time (Official Music Video)

Directed by: Travis Detweiler
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Official Music Video for "Father Time" performed by Sammy Hagar & The Circle.
Stream/buy 'Crazy Times': https://SammyHagar.lnk.to/CrazyTimesWE

"When I first wrote Father Time, I kept it from everyone because it was so personal that I’d get too choked up to actually sing it. I wrote it just after turning 70 while I was at our then home in Maui. That house was my sanctuary in the middle of the jungle, overlooking the ocean-- it was just paradise. The words ‘Father Time’s over there looking over my shoulder’ just kept going through my head, so I picked up my guitar and the rest of the song just came spilling out. I turned on my iPhone and recorded it. I cried my eyes out after I wrote and played it back. It’s probably the most personal song that I’ve ever written and now, after just turning 75, I’m finally ready to release it." – Sammy

Director: Travis Detweiler
Producer: Chris & Aimee Kurtz/ Virtual Talking Machine Co.
Video Editors: Aaron Abercrombie & Sean Power



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