Fast-paced Redheads Q&A

Directed by: Jon Luini
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Redheads - here's a little holiday gift for you-- some answers to a bunch of your questions! Redheads are the best fans in the world!

This was filmed at the same time as the Holiday Greeting & general update, which can be viewed at


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Sammy Rocks!

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Yes Redheads ARE the best fans in the world. Sammy is the reason! RED<3

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Hi Sammy I read your book,and I thought you might be interested in reading the book Through Alien eyes and Knowledge from the stars by Wes bateman .He was a Galactic federation ET telepath for 30 yrs .These book are very,very interesting.There are things you wil never ever know if you do not read these books.Cheers from canada sammy .let me know if you get this message or read the books.Thanks
John B

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Sammy, you spread the light more than almost anyone I know & you do make this world a better place! :)