Every Picture Tells A Story, Don't It?

Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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We put this visual guide together to give you a sense of Sammy's musical history - from Montrose to solo career to Van Halen (and the Van Halen reunion) to the Wabos to Chickenfoot! Let Sammy tell you all about it by picking up a copy of the book! More info, videos etc avilable at redrocker.com/red

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That was nice! Hope to see ya in San Antonio soon!

Glenn Austin

SFMeeValley's picture

I kinda appreciate the VH 2004 vid w/EVH playing weird & bkng vox way off key. Awkward! Just tellin like it was. No holdin back thx Sammy. When u gonna sign at The Depot? Our daughters r FB friends.

Santa-Kevin's picture

Sammy Hagar rocks the NORTH POLE!!!!

My Elves love Sammy almost as much as this Santa does..

Keep on ROCKEN Sammy and keep on being REAL!!


I LOVE YOU SAMMY, Been to over 50 Shows from Montrose to Chickenfoot.

The RED Rocken Santa
Santa Kevin Scott
Cypress California

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love ya Sammy. You are the shit. Keep on rockin our asses off.

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o ya my man sammy

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Nicely done. More please! Maybe some rare vids for the site?!?!?