Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) (Van Halen) (Circle @Home Sessions No. 9)

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When I heard that Kurt Cobain had taken his own life, the first thing I thought of was I wish I were there and could have tried to save him. The original title for these lyrics were “I want to show you what love can do," but because it was such a dark horrible thing I just couldn’t shine a light on it. So I changed the final line to “Don’t tell me what love can do."

P.S. It was also the time of the breaking up of Van Halen, our last album and tour so it added a lot of emotion, negativity and pain in the original vocal performance which surfaced the second I started singing this song for the first time since 1995.

It's episode 9 of the Circle @Home Sessions. #CircleAtHome #SammyAndTheCircle #DontTellMeWhatLoveCanDo


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This is my favorite Van Halen album, and to know what they had to go through to get this recorded is just crazy. I would love to see a lock down album with all these songs on it.

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Hi!:-) I'm from Poland. From the day when the "Balance" album was released in March 1995 I said that it is damn brilliant record and I will not change my mind:-)

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I've been waiting for years to hear you sing this song again !!!!!

Thanks to The Circle for putting this together, you guys Rock!!!!