2021 Birthday Bash Update

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In 31 years we've only had to move the birthday bash from Cabo 4 times – twice due to hurricanes. now 2 in a row due to Covid


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Sad our entry wasnt selected. Anyone who won lotery for 2 night tickets that wants to sell one of their nights we still want 2 tickets. Contact me if you want to sell.

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So disappointed I didn’t win the chance to buy tickets to the birthday bash☹️

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Please make one night of your 2021 Birthday Bash concert at the Catalina Casino available on Pay-per-View after all tickets sell out. Last years PPV Birthday Bash was amazing, and is available on with a Coda Collection subscription. Many are willing to pay to see the rockin Birthday show from afar again in HD this year.


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Got a room booked for the 7th.

77 times have seen Sammy since Montrose.
I NEED to score one ticket.