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sammyhagar OMG had a blast in Indio on 09/10!! you were the best, EVERYONE was the best, can't wait to do it again. THANK YOU Sammy for all you do for me and every RedHead. LOVE YOU!!!! Stef♥
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ICANTDRIVE138 hey what's up!! I heard about that bullshit they pulled on you in Fresno man, that's bogus!! Jeanette and JLH told me all about it. Guess you're not on facebook? Oh well hope we can be pals aroumd here you look like a good time!! Peace!! Stef from PA♥
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amyg074 I knew that shirt looked familiar when I saw it on FB!!! I am gonna need a rolodex to keep track of all my shared RR and FB friends!!! Stef♥
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RedJuJu hey!! I do believe I know you from FB...have so many friend bewteen the two pages I can't keep track!! Stef
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JLH WTF how are we not friends on this joint??