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sammyhagar Sammy, Thank you for the many years of enjoyment you and your music have given me. I manage a bar and am the proud proprietor of Cabo Wabo in my entire region. LOVE IT!! Especially the UNO!! I Hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday and I know you will rock it for all the Redheads in Cabo. Your friend, Colin
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bluettel Happy birthday!! See you at the Qwest or the embassy suites for the pre-party!!
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beckis065 Had a great time!! Enjoyed meeting you at the embassy!!
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INION Happy Birthday felow Redhead! Hope it was great!
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dianedavis76@ya... Welcome to the Redrocker fan club. I enjoy meeting new Redheads and catching up with old friends here.
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musicgirl35 Welcome to the Redhead family!
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batgrl2u Hi Jeny Welcome to the Redhead family. Colin a.k.a. themay_or