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sammyhagar To my hero Mr. Sammy Hagar, Bonjour, My name is Benoit Lupien, I am living in Laval, just north of the Montreal Metropolitan area, and I’m sure you remember me, because you’ve seen my face a few times @ your concerts, and of course @ the Cabo Wabo Cantina for the bashes 1996, 2004, 2005 and 2007. For that new contest, I will give you many reasons why I should be backstage with you and the Wabos @ the Atlantic City Concert 8/28 @ the Boardwalk Hall. I’ve seen you and VH @ the Miami Arena March’1995, when that night you had unfortunately a hard time singing, so we helped you the whole concert, and it was even better because you were having a good time as always. And 2 months later, back @ home @ the old Montreal Forum. In 1996, I was traveling the whole year in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, and I was just there in time to catch you for the B-Day on 10/13, and it was a real event for me to see so close, so real, like a hero never seen before. In 2004, @ The Cantina again for a three shows, including the one with Kenny Chesney, together on stage it’s a real party time. Then going back home @ Bell Centre with VH in Nov’2004, and you noticed me right away because I was located in the 6th row, and I was the only person wearing the Got Tequila Cabo Wabo yellow T-Shirt that you’ve signed a while after. You even gave me a shot to the only Redhead in the Bell Centre, and I’ve shacked your hand for the 1st time. Unforgettable. Again in 2005 @ The Bash, I’ve grown my beard so long to have breads in it like you in the past. It was so cool, you even signed my tattoo Cabo Wabo Cantina and your logo ‘R’, saying to me that it was better made than yours. And I told you right away that my promise was accomplished to be here again after seeing you in Montreal the year before. Seen 5 shows, thank God I took some pictures, too many shots of Vitamin T, and not too many hours of sleep, I just love the sidewalk prints on my back… In 2006, my friend Denis and I drove from Montreal to see you in July’2006 in Camden, NJ or Philly (8 1/2 hours ride). Again, we were in the 5-6 row and what a blast. It was a warm day, the beer and the shots were too good. Amazing version of Running with the Devil by Mickey. By the way, Michael Anthony and I are born the same day June 20th. On October’13 2006, I’ve bought a red Gibson guitar to be able to play like you one day. In 2007, again @ the one and only 60th B-Day Bash, my friend Denis and I were present, while my fiancée was moving into the new house, LOL….Nothing can stop me to see you in concert. I’ve changed the colour of my beard from grey to Red. Seen 5 shows. I gave you a bottle of ‘Sortilège’ made with Canadian Whisky and Maple Syrup. The last concert, just too funny with Toby having a hard time drinking his shot on stage while singing ‘I Love this Bar’, the duck @ the end of the show, Chad Smith with his Halloween costume Talladega night, and I’ve thrown a red fake hair on stage. In 2008, I was unable to go see in you @ the Bash, because my lovely fiancée gave birth to our son named, of course Samy. He was born August’14, and there was only 1 name for my boy. In 2009, Chickenfoot in Hampton Beach, NH @ The Casino Ballroom with that Hurricane Bill following us, what a bad weather to travel again a few hours just to see you. And finally, 2010 start with a bang, because I do have on my right arm the logo of Aerosmith also. And you’re touring with them, too good to be true. I didn’t want to go in Toronto, a boring city, so we decided, Denis and I to go to Atlantic City as a road trip to see maybe the best concert night of my entire life, my 2 music idols, same night. And with the pictures sent with that message, Mr. Hagar, it will be very easy to decide who will join you backstage in Atlantic City on August’28. Your Montreal Redhead, Benoit Lupien aka Ben or Benito 213 Du Limousin Laval, Quebec H7G2K6 Tel: (450) 663-2563 http://espace.canoe.ca/aeroben61/album for more pictures
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amys058 Bonjour mon amour adorée, I missed you so much, we'll have to go see you all one day in St-Louis, with my little family. Bambino#2 is coming for Jan'2011. Say hi to my friend Dave, and to the kids. Bisous xxxxx....xx.x.x Benoit