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bajarockpat Hi Pat! Cathy Leigh Savage here! I just posted a blog about you and the book on the book blog. I am reading your book now and tears of Joy came pouring down my face this morning. You describe so perfectly the feeling that I have felt about Sammy Hagar for the past 35 years but had it made no since to me or anyone else. I can't thank you enough for explaining the unexplainable Joy and Magic that Sammy and his music brings. I call it the Sammy BUZZ! He makes woman flush and swoon and feel like they have just had the best Orgasm of their life! Maybe it is a spiritual Orgasm of some sort? Ok, back to your book, love you so much! xoxoxo Redlove, Peace and Joy, Cathy Leigh Savage
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Redlover Hi Jeanette! Can't thank you enough for introducing me to pat Walker's book and for my Picture with Sammy at the Rum Bash! You are the best my sweet friend and I am forever your partner in Red Love and Bliss! You are a sweet friend and a magical soul sister! Thank you for staying connected in our Red Rocker love fest! xoxoxoxoxo Cathy Leigh
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cindybearGVMERED hello!!!!