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sammyhagar Sammy you are the man, I'll see you at the Fantasy Springs with the Foot and I'll see you all four nights down in Cabo. You are an inspiration to my whole family especially my 16 year old son who shreds on the guitar and his band plays in my garage every night after school. You always say you are the luckiest man alive but the redheads are the luckiest fans alive. Peace 5150Mike!!
bobb034's picture
bobb034 Thanks for the info on the Beach Party we will see you there.
ScottSTL's picture
ScottSTL Hey Scott, Aren't you the guy that had the "lettuce emergency" at work when you were in Tahoe? My wife and I stood by you guys at the 5/8/10 show. Congrats on the backstage package. Peace!! Mike (we will be in Cabo this year too)
postalboy's picture
postalboy Hey Dale, It was nice meeting you in Cabo. My wife and I stood right behind you on Friday night. Hope the rest of your trip was as great as ours. Peace! Mike
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Penni Hey, will you be my friend?? Ha! Ha!
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vansman13 Hey Anthony, It was nice meeting you in Cabo. It sucks being back to reality. Peace! Mike!
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dhoffart Our friends from Canada are going this is their first trip down and I know they did not get tickets for the 8th or the 13th so they may be interested in your ticket. Brad's email is Ramsay21@telus.net I'm sure they would pay full price or possibly more they may be standing in line for dinner tickets.