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sammyhagar's picture
sammyhagar Hi Sammy, I've rocked to your music since the '70's and have been to every STL show. My DREAM is to meet you someday and attend a b-day bash show. I want to be your friend! Kristy from STL (KLRed)
1013Kathleen's picture
1013Kathleen Hi fellow STL Redhead - want to be my friend? Thanks!
DawnSTL's picture
DawnSTL Hi Dawn, it's Kristy, who was behind you for Sammy's signing on St. Patty's Day (long blonde hair) - remember me? I've been on this website for a number of years, but never really posted or replied. After meeting some of the greatest Redheads that day, I wanted to ask for some friends to communicate with. I would love to hear of any events at Harrah's when Sammy is in town. Hope you had a great vac in FL. Hit me up!
Redlover's picture
Redlover Hi! Love reading your posts and would like to add you as a friend! Thanks!
SDeiss's picture
SDeiss Hi SDeiss, thanks for the post on my comments about Thursday's book signing! I'm still living the moment! Want to be my friend, here? Thanks, Kristy