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sammyhagar Hi Sammy! While attending the film festival in Lake Arrowhead I told you that it was a dream of mine to cook with you. You replied to do it for the kids and you would cook with me! Since that day I always wondered how or what I would do to make this happen. At this time am on a committee, volunteering my time to help raise money for kids with diabetes. They are looking to do this fundraiser some time in November in the Phoenix area and wanted to see just maybe you want to cook with me as a celebrity guest to help promote this event. It would be great if you and the Wabo’s could play too. My mother always told me that it never hurts to ask! If November, does not work for you……I will be in Vegas for the Tiki Party…..maybe I could just join you and Emeril for five minutes….this way I could just check this dream off of my bucket list! Please just let me know….my number is 602-663-1911. Peace! Nora Kane
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leval5150 updating my friends list on RR.com - please add me!! See you in Mill Valley next month
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ICANTDRIVE138 Updating my friends list on RR.com.....Please add me and I will see you in Mill Valley next month!
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Jackie B yo friend me!
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bigdon Jersey Donnie!!! What's up! See that you are going to see Sammy the end of Aug in AC.....I will be in Jersey that weekend for a family thing.....might just show up at the show. Will keep in touch to let you know. Nora
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Elizabeth Hausman Elizabeth....Love this new site...Hope all is well with you and Jeff
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