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sammyhagar Hey Sammy~ I can't wait to rock out onstage with you tomorrow @ St.Paul, Mn!!!! this will be my 8th time onstage over the last 10 years or so. I hope to one day come and celebrate your 10~13 in Cabo!!! Peace- Tammy Zurek aka redtammyrocker
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TammyKins Hey Tammy~ Been a long time since I've been in touch with you since the droolers aren't as active anymore. Going to see Sammy this year at all. I'm on stage this saturday in St Paul, MN with evilErn. Should be a blast!!! Keep it Red redtammyrocker
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Iowa-Doug Hey Doug~ It was great seeing you @ the Taste of Mn. hope you are recovered from your multi city tour and partying "Redhead" style for that long!! Hopefully we'll get to party sometime!! Keep it Red! redtammyrocker ~ Tammy Z
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makasha21@hotma... Hey Terri~ Happy 10~13!!!
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jujulovessammy Hey JuJu~ How's things in St Louis area? Seen any Sammy lately or going to Cabo? I went was onstage with Ernie at the Taste of Mn show this July. It was awesome!! Heard you had a wedding this year or something. I might try and make the Redhead Christmas party in Nov if I can get the time off and weather is good enough to drive down. =-) Would love to party with you guys!!!! Redluvs Tammy redrocker
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miken080 Hey Mike~ I was onsatge at the Taste of MN. I'm a redhead from Eau Claire WI, but born and raised in Litchfield, MN.