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sammyhagar Hello, I am Santa Kevin Scott of Cypress Calif. A long time RedHead, Over 60 shows. I just got back from Branson MO where there was a Santa Convention with over 800+ Santas. I hosted a Blood Drive on July 6th 2016. We did set a record we got 87 pints. I had 44 on last Santa Blood drive so I beat the old record by double. I am embarking on a bigger plan. I am now out to talk to Networks and Entertainers and Bands to pull off this plan. I met the Band "Everclear" on a flight from Denver to Springfield and the leader Art Alexakis wants to help so I have one band on board. I am hoping Sammy will get behind this and help me get doors to open for me. I am the spark to light this fire. I want it to build to a raging forest fire. I am teaming up with two ladies from the Red Cross in Missouri to hold a National Blood Drive and Telethon. These ladies hold the record for the largest Blood drive in the country 3 day event bringing in 5800 pints. So I am teamed with the right people. There will be two total’s boards. One to count blood and one to count money donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. I will need lots of talent for a Telethon. It will be patterned like a “Jerry Lewis” Telethon. As I Respect him so much for all he has done. And if that works why not use that as a way to go? We are going to do it in 2020. Santa Kevin Scott 714 828-1872