Cabo Wabo banner

August 05, 2010 by zoomred
Cabo Wabo banner

I grabbed this banner at the pre show party in 2006. I bring it to shows hoping for more autographs. I got lucky at the Taste of Minnesota and got #2. I label the signature of what show Sammy signed it at. I should bring it to Cabo with me, I have run into Sammy a few times at his bar . The quest for more autograghs continue!

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The banner thing started out as a souvenir from the pre-show party. We got into the show and worked our way to the front row. We had photos from some of Sammy's other shows to get signed. That is when I got the idea of having Sammy sign it. It has hung in my house since the show. Then I thought it would be fun to start bringing it to shows. The tough part is getting close enough to the stage without getting kicked out of the concert. I wish I was going to Toronto. To hard to travel during a work week. Have fun and rock out!!!

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You going down for the B-bash? We got tickets to the show on the 9th, but there is 3 of us "Cabo Brothers". I didn't get through so I might get the short straw. If so my banner will go down with my buddies.

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Thanks for accepting my friend request! I remember seeing your banner in MN.You gotta get another signature in Toronto! Awesome! I am sitting in section 109 .Where are you?

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Killer Banner...Thinkin' bout havin' some kind of banner made for Cabo...