Your Interview with Dan Rather

January 17, 2017 by ynot

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Just saw your interview and totally related to your sentiments on charity. I can't do on the scale you do, but I do what I can. You were spot on- it does get you "closer to God". I have been jammin' with you since I was a teenager in the 80's- Love your stuff! It's not much, but here is some of "my stuff". Perhaps your inner child (wow that was great!) might like to play with it.

We Pull Each Other Out

I am the legend you seek to define
Locked within your self-imposed confine.
Because you will never know
Fully what you’re capable of
Denying your own will to grow
Defending against the inevitable shove
That leads to self-discovery
And the treasure that it yields-
The immeasurable wealth
Of self-satisfaction’s Elysian Fields
That will overwhelm the capacity
You have to own beyond your need.
Giving birth to sacred charity
And a selfless need to feed
Those choking on their hunger
And starving for escape
From the prison of their misery.
Enabling them to replicate
The charity with which you’ve empowered them
So they can pull another forth from
The dire depths of destitutions dour bin
Until none remains in the hopelessness
Of a malignant, mirthless existence.

Again, Happy Birthday- all the best!

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