whats the "chance" shwag??

September 13, 2010 by xxtra_salt

Wow, what a weekend, I already knew Aaron was a cool dude but I was way impressed with him and the Wabos!!! Got to see them closer up in the bar later on, how often do we get so lucky. HEY!! Gotta ask, we caught some of the shwag stickers that Aaron tossed out into the crowd, pretty cool, they say CHANCE. Anybody know what gives? Aaron had one on his shirt too. Did we find the Golden Ticket or what, lol.
Rock on, fans and Redheads and accidental tourists!!!

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My friend Chance Gray has been working on some shirts, he took them to the show because Aaron was going to wear one on-stage during his performance. We were at the Cabo Wabo the day before the Tahoe show and saw Chance talking and showing Aaron the shirts. Because I was up close I took the picture of Aaron and Mona onstage for a keepsake for Chance. Afterwards, Chance said, "Aaron didn't wear one of his shirts because the ones he brought were too big" (Aaron has lost some weight). But, Aaron stuck one of Chance's stickers on the shirt he wore (as seen in the picture). The stickers he threw out were Chance's stickers, idk, a marketing tool to get his name out there? Who know's he could be the next Ed Hardy??


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Ha ha, I didn't know the definition, thanks-- yeah, i was wondering what it was about!! Anybody know?

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We called it SWAG. It's a slang for free stuff. Means --- Stolen Without A Gun.

A lot of the companies in the industry give stuff away to the crew with their logos and the tour name. Have you ever seen an Upstaging shirt? There's some swag!

Wait a minute, I think I misunderstood your question.
Stickers with "Chance" on them.... Hummm. Maybe a name of an album.
Must be some kind of promotion.