USOC Fiasco

May 13, 2011 by Wooky

Admin your post says "we know you'll understand we don't wish to go into details and respectfully ask that you refrain from further discussions on this topic on the site." Well I don't understand and I want details, so I respecfully ask for the truth and not some canned response from a PR machine. If you're going to declare even one fan the enemy you ought to have the balls to say why or deal with the backlash, cause you can't have it both ways!

The Blue, White, & Red Rocker supports censorship now? Apperantly so if the Admin of his website deletes fans post about a subject that is dear to them. Not sure if you've ever seen a documentary but fucking with the person making one or his friends can't bode well for you or your employer.

Here's my gut feeling on this. Sammy's camp watched the trailer and saw how good it was, then quickly realized they don't own the footage. As it appears to be your goal to put a $ on every fucking thing on this planet your only option was to try to shut it down.


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Sammy made an exception from standard policy to grant special access to this fan with some basic and clearly stated restrictions. They proceeded to ignore those restrictions and did not act in a professional manner. When someone goes out of their way to help you out, it's not right to try and take advantage of them. It's as simple as that and the behavior we've seen since then has been even worse.

One of the main purposes of the web site is to provide a friendly and fun place for Redheads to interact with each other, and for Sammy to interact with all Redheads. We ask you one more time to please show some respect and understand that there is nothing personal, there are no ulterior motives, and it has nothing to do with anything else.

As you can imagine, right now we are also all still in a state of shock with Carter's passing and do not wish to spend any more time on this issue and such negativity. This post has been closed for further comments and if anyone wants to share their thoughts or ask more questions, contact us at or Murray (who we also invite to contact us if he has any questions).

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I think it has to do with money and as I already said would not be surprised is Sammy made his own movie.

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If it truly is a matter of not putting a competing product out against 'Go There Once Be there Twice' I would say why not buy the MurMur Films footage and toss it into the 'GTOBTT' package as a bonus DVD? The footage shot, the interviews given by passionate fans and the message of the DEEP FAN SUPPORT is invaluable in my opinion

That said, none of us know the true 'story' of it all yet, nor may we ever. As much as I'd like to believe it's truly a case of the 'little guy getting the shaft', there are lots of potential reasons that this project went from a green light to a red light.

In the end, My Cabo Wabo tattoo is intact. I still love the music and will pay to go somewhere within reason to see my UFF-REDHEAD *all the same by the way* friends and FAMILY.

Movie or no movie...This group is a SPECIAL group of fans in the vein of 'The Greatful Dead', 'Phish', and even 'Jimmy Buffett'. There are NOT a lot of dedicated fan bases (KISS ARMY INCLUDED) that will travel to party all weekend/week with one another. Someone high in the chain of command here should know that and they probably already do, but it's worth repeating none the less.

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We spend alot of money to see Sammy. Wait in long lines to get book signs, concerts and just a chance to say Hi to him. Redheads are devoted Fans. A documentary showing what we do, "The way we live" is an awesome idea and I would think Sammy would support this 100%. I have tattoos on my right leg of the Cabo Wabo's and many other Sammy supported ventures. Go Murray, make this documentary and show the world how much we care, support and love this lifestyle, even though it's all about the $$$$$$'s.....Red Love and Peace to all!!!! "24365 gonna party now!"

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Sammy has said over and over that hr doesn't care if he gets another fan...he just doesn't want to lose the ones that be has..with that said...can you help us out here?

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Very well stated Wooky

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If it's a matter of Sammy & his team thinking it will compete with Go There Once Be There Twice, they obviously don't understand the concept. I've seen Murray's trailer and it's all about the fans and our love of the Redhead life. Basically from what I've seen it's a great endorsement for all things Sammy. Let the man run with it.

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Amen Wooky!! I, for one, want to know what was done that was "unprofessional." I'm guessing it wasn't much of anything, except maybe not offering the "camp" some $$ for the project.