Third times a charm

June 17, 2010 by Wooky
Third times a charm
Lovers Beach 2008

Sacrifice some things, can't live without another, but we're going to Cabo in the Fall!!!

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Wooky, it's getting closer to party time!!!! Cant wait to get my ass out of Portland!!! 11 more days my friend.

Wooky's picture

We arrive on the 9th, staying at Villa del Palmar. I'll keep a lookout for you.

jimb037's picture

Jerry, 28 more days till Cabo...when are you guys heading down? Landing on the 11th, cannot wait.

87-gn's picture

He's NOT sitting on my lap.........FU ER

Wooky's picture

We're looking forward to it as well! Interseted in a day trip around Southern Baja? I think we've got one seat left, just pitch in on the rental and gas.

RedVoodoo's picture

Can't wait for my first time... and to meet you and Flea in person!! Bring on October!!

TahoWabo55's picture

Can't wait to catch up will you guys...sorry we missed you in Sac, heard it was a blast!

87-gn's picture

VDP won't know what hit them......Bring on the Bash!!!

Wooky's picture

Where are you staying? We're at Villa Del Palmar the 9th-16th with a bunch of other Redheads. We should catch up for a drink.
My cell # is 503-720-1718

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Same here Wooky!! Going back to Cabo for the 3rd time here too. Go there once, you'll be there twice, but third time is a charm!!
See you in October!!!

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