Hey Sammy! - Have you tried drinking the our brazilian cachaça?

October 16, 2019 by Wilson_Alexandre
Hey Sammy! - Have you tried drinking the our brazilian cachaça?

Hey Sammy - Have you tried drinking the famous "Brazilian cachaça"? A drink that should be taken very moderately and made from sugar cane. This drink is also an ingredient to make the famous "Caipirinha" (kipeereenhaaa). I will teach you.
1 liter of cachaça (sugar cane alcohol)
5 lemons
6 flat spoons of sugar

Pour every liter of Brazilian cachaça into a large mug. Squeeze all 5 lemons (already peeled, because otherwise it becomes bitter) in the same container where you poured the cachaça. Add sugar to your taste or no sugar.
Mix well and take only one 200 ml glass at a time, otherwise you tip over! lol.
This is our famous Brazilian "caipirinha".

"Caipirinha" is the name that Brazilians give to young maidens born in the interior of cities equivalent in the United States to southern people (from country-music)

With our very popular and cheap cachaça we can make other types of drinks mixed with Gin, Cognac, pepsi cola, vodka, etc ... And it is very good! I've never had alcohol, just socially, but our cachaça mixed with lemon and other drinks is better than beer.

Arriving in Brazil in March, try our Brazilian "caipirinha" Sammy, with sugar goes down better throat, but after the show, not before, please ... lol

Wilson Alexandre.
First Brazilian Dj to play Sammy Hagar records in Brazil.

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David Lee Roth tried our cachaça and he could barely jump on stage