October 10, 2019 by Wilson_Alexandre


Proven to be, I was the first Brazilian rock DJ to promote, publicize and play all the records of Sammy Hagar's solo career in my country many years before Brazilian radio stations, long before the media and many years before he joined Van Halen.

I'm a founder and DJ of Brazilian rock club since 1971, which until the late 1990s was frequented by over 3,000 rock fans every weekend.

I released the records of many bands previously unknown to Brazilians at that time, such as: Montrose, Sammy Hagar, Aerosmith, AC / DC, Angel, Queen, Ted Nugent, Foghat, Scorpions, UFO, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Riot, Anvil, and many others. Doubts about it, see my pages on social networks where I post photos and tell about my work.

Of the nearly 40 albums released by Sammy Hagar in his solo career and also with Montrose, HSAS, Chickenfoot, Waboritas, The Circle, only 3 of his albums have been released in Brazil (Musical Chairs, Three Lock Box and I Never Said Goodbye), except for Van Halen, but Sammy Hagar is one of the most respected musicians known to Brazilian fans through my job as rock DJ for a club dance, because in the past my team and I promoted, disseminated and promoted all his records in the 70's, 80's, 90's and part of the 2000's. My sound team and I did a job never done by Brazilian media, not only promoting Sammy Hagar records and a hundreds of other bands as well at a time when there was no internet resources, as record labels didn't release records in the Brazilian phonografic market and there was no facility for Brazilians rock fans importing expensive records to brazilian fans know them.

We did a hard job of promoting and disseminating foreign albums and music in my country because I was always a collector, Dj and all Brazilians always loved rock'n'roll. Thousands of Brazilians fans already loved Sammy Hagar before he joined Van Halen because they met his songs in my little rock room, where I played hard rock, heavy metal, blues, etc ....

The most requested and played song by Sammy Hagar in my rock dances is "This planet's on Fire"(Burning in Hell), which still plays in other Brazilian rock clubs and in the salon of the current owners of my former rock house in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"This planet's on Fire" has captured the Brazilian Hard Rock & Heavy Metal audience since the first time I played this song for them, but Brazilian fans have also known other Sammy Hagar songs through myself such as: Space Station # 5, Bad Motor Scooter, Rock The Nation, I Got The Fire, Underground, Urban Guerilla, Rock'n'Roll Weekend, Young Girl Blues (Donovan cover), Reckless, Turn Me Up, Love Me, Try Me, Run for your Life, Growing Pains, The Iceman, 20Th Century Man, Child to Man, I don't need love, There's only one way to rock, Heavy Metal, I can't drive 55, Don't let me wait, VOA, Missing you, The Valley of the Kings, Giza, The Whiter Shade of Pale, Salvation on Sand Hill, Who has the Right, But Tequila, Red Voodoo, Deeper Kinda Love, Stand up, Standin 'at .... Privacy and many other Hagar records and songs.

My dream has always been to see Sammy Hagar in Brazil one day.

But unfortunately my daughter and I have cancer in treatment and no money to buy tickets which cost us a fortune in cash. Before my daughter and I were diagnosed with non-hodkins lymphoma, I was already unemployed and my daughter was diagnosed with hodkings lymphoma 8 months later when I was still undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She extracted the spleen and part of the lung affected by the disease. We both have trouble walking today and even with cancer the governmental Social Security Institute's INSS has denied the benefit for disease for us. We filed a lawsuit but everything is very slow in Brazil, including the records of the rock bands that we liked took about 5 years to get here, some of these records were never released in Brazil, because everything here is delayed when it comes to education. and culture for the people.

I really wanted to go to my favorite rock idol Sammy Hagar's show for which I worked so hard in the past for Brazilian audiences to know his records, but unfortunately I have no financial income for over 7 years except my wife's poor monthly salary that pays little home bills. Today I live from church donations that I attend but I am proud and honored to have done what the great men of the media did not do for the young Brazilian public.

Soon I will open a web radio professionally to get some money to support my family but I am not yet able to pursue this goal. I will do the same work I always did, spreading rock to the world.

By God's will!.

If you would like to help me buy 2 tickets to the Sammy Hagar concert in my country, send me a message before the cheapest tickets sell out and I will give you details about my personal and bank details. I just need to reach the value of 2 tickets, nothing beyond that. A little bit of each friend will become very important to me, as my wife and I will realize a dream of seeing Sammy Hagar in Brazil (since my daughter can't go to the show).

God bless you

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