Sammy Hagar in Graphite by Dean Huck

Sammy Hagar in Graphite by Dean Huck
I used a good ol Number Two pencil to create this drawing. It was done on very glossy surfaced paper and I used a gum eraser extensively.
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cindybearGVMERED's picture

I grew up with Dean . I love it. when I was young my mother worked for his family at the Old Douglas Market. The best place to eat in town. He had pictures he drew all over the walls. When his dad died . He gave me one. What a great picture Dean. You made Sammy proud.
Cindy bear

RACER-X's picture

My #2's always look like shit...
That is beautiful work.
Yeah....I'm funny! I couldn't resist...

johnjulie05's picture

That is really great pencil work! Amazing what you can do with a #2!

87-gn's picture

Amazing talent!! It looks just like him.

302_Boss_Chick's picture

very cool!!