Cinco De Tahoe

February 04, 2012 by Weesa

No Wabo's in Tahoe this year? :-(

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Cinco de Mayo is a yearly tradition !!

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It's in conversation on Bro's page under the picture of the dude with the bro shirt. He said to a fan that the Wabo's won't be in Tahoe this year. Needless to say the repsonse he received were disappointed fans.

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I never read on there facebook it was going to be Chickenfoot. I just find it hard to believe chickenfoot would play 2 nights. Im betting 1 night wabos, 1 night foot. I have no info just my feeling. I just hope he announces it soon so We all can start making plans,

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I didnt read that anywhere either. I find it hard to believe he'd do 2 nights chickenfoot. I bet he does one foot and 1 wabo. I have no info on this just my gut feeling. Cuz he usually always does 2 nights.

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Sammy be there or be square!!! Looking forward all year to seeing you!

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Where did you see that Chickenfoot was playing????? I could not find it...

Help!!! I wanna book airfare!

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It says no WABO's in Tahoe this year......Chickenfoot..... remember guys??? Saw on Face Book that they will be there this year and NOT the Wabo's.... Too bad because I think some of the best fun was in the Cantina when the Wabo's would show up and do impromptu jams with the house band and hang out with all of us fans. It won't be the same without them.

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I hope it's not so! But I'm gettin worried, because I had my tickets by this time last year...

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Sammy loves us! He will be in Tahoe. I have seen that man twice a year up there for as long as I can remember. It's what keeps me going. I can always count on him for the best couple of days. No one else on the planet like him! ; )

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say it aint sooooooo