Cabo Wabo Tequila 1st edition bottle!!! ~

July 01, 2011 by Wabo Me

Hey fellow Reds! I am wondering if their are any Redheads out there "lucky" enough to own a 1st edition bottle of Cabo...?! I purchased my bottle at the Cantina, back in late 1996. It is the tan ceramic "sand blasted" bottle. I have been doing a little research on it and I can't find any information on it's rarity or value. I will NEVER sell it, I would just like to hear ANY information or stories that you may have...?! Please, PLEASE let me know! Dani ~

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I have an early hand blown green bottle unopened. I purchased from a store in Panama City Florida back in 1998. You could only purchase in Florida or California at that time. Is this the 2nd gen after the white bottle?

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FYI: The ceramic white bottles were the first produced to hold Cabo Wabo Tequila. The blue hand blown glass bottles came later.

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Doug, I have seen the white bottles called first generation (1997 - and then there is the old hand blown blue bottle with the rudimentary graphics that has also been first generation (source: which I believe is pre-1997 (tequilasource doesn't have the original bottle posted, but pocotequila does). While I'm sure that the white bottle is quite rare, I also believe that the blue bottle is the true first generation Cabo Wabo. If you don't think so, then show me where I can verify the age of the bottle.

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I have what I think is a first generation empty bottle of Cabo Wabo in pretty good condition. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth? Thanks for your time!


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I designed the logo and have original bottle and the original logo also, even have a signed letter from Mr. Hagar stating that I Co-Designed it with Patrick Bertinelli (not true all he did was take my design and stipple it for other uses). don't know what either are worth but I can tell you Mr. Hagar pretty much stole the logo, after I designed it for him with a lie that he would do more work with me but he never did. The rich just get rich as the rip off the middle class working man. Go figure!!!! This post will probably be up for only a short time because of Mr. Hagar's guilt, or lack of!!!!

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Attn CaboWaboGuy:

I indeed have a Cabo Uno sealed blue with gold label ceramic bottle with approx 2/3 contents that I bought at the cantina in early '97. Can send pictures.... What's it worth?

~ Dazza

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Hey Doug! THANKS for sharing all of your expert knowledge!!! WOW... I knew it was worth a pretty penny, but... WOW is all I can say! When my ex-husband and I (from Riverton, Wyoming :)... ) were flying back to the States from Cabo, I wanted to crack open that bottle, sooooooooooo BADLY. I am a TERRIBLE flyer and wanted to drink a few shots to calm me down. Looks like I should thank him for convincing me otherwise, because it is still sealed!!! I am quite jealous of your collection... VERY impressive!!! After all the information you have given me, I have changed my funeral arrangements...;). I would like my friends and family to gather at Land's End and finish off the "Sammy nectar" place my ashes inside the bottle then drop it into the Pacific...LOL!!! I uploaded a few photos of my "baby bottle" for you to admire... :) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU DOUG!!!

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Hi again Dani, Update...more info! I just found out that there were some white ceramic bottles with the 1st generation blue "MR Cantina" lable produced on them, again in blue/gold & gold/blue lables! These would have had the "Los Cinco Soles" wording just above the Cabo Wabo logo, rather than higher up on the slope of the bottle in small lettering! Also, there is a good chance that the two different bottle opening types were being made at the same time by different makers! Which one do you have? All mine are earlier than the later lable!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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Hi, Sorry but I have bad news. Un-numbered Cabo Uno bottles are very common. The marker used was not permanent so many of the bottles had the numbers rub off! So don't spend alot of money on low numbers, it doesn't make a difference if they are low or high for this reason! I have a number 15 bottle which I know for certain isn't really a number 15 bottle! Why, because Sammy personally gave me the true number 15 bottle himself! A little known fact about Cabo Uno bottles...the first 55 bottles were specialty numbered & labled with Sammy's real autograph in gold paint pen! These special labled bottles were held back for family & friends only & never sold to the public! These bottles are known as the "Reserva de la Familia Hagar" & are quite rare! The value...about $2,000 to $3,000!! And these are the rarest & hardest bottles to obtain!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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So Doug, what's an un-numbered UNO bottle worth?

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Hi Dani! Here is some info for you on the Holy Grail of Cabo Wabo/Sammy Hagar collectibles...the legendary "White Ceramic Cabo Wabo Tequila Bottle"!! There are two lable versions; the blue with gold logo & the gold with blue logo. I believe the gold lable is rarer! Only 500 of the white bottles were made, but not all of them got used because they went to the 1st generation blue "MR Cantina" bottles! The reason for the change was that the ceramic bottles didn't hold the tequila very well(they leaked), they also were very easily broken, & got dirtly looking quickly. The break down to gold logo to blue logo white bottles is unknown! I have only seen two of the gold bottles and I have one, plus I have two of the blue logo bottles! There are also variations of the top of the bottles, the openings! They first came out with a cork that was wrapped on the bottle & gave you another cork that had a ceramic top to it. The problem was that you may have trouble getting the other ceramic topped cork in the bottle & would break the opening. So to get the look of the original bottle they went to the bottle with a built up opening; a bottle with the enlarged opening with just a cork wrapped on the bottle! So there were two white bottles produced: one smooth to the lip of the opening (ceramic top w/cork & cork) & one with the raised bump to the lip of the opening with a cork. Then of course, there are the lable color changes! If you have any other info or have heard different let me know!! As to the a true collector you could now see one go for $3,500 to $4,500 for an empty one! If it's full, which is very, very rare, you are looking at $5,000 plus!! Which would be one of the most valuable true tequila bottles in the world, not counting of course the bottles made out of gold or platinum, or have diamonds on them!
Best regards,
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"
Owner of the largest collection of variations of Cabo Wabo Tequila bottles in the world!!