Touchin Base ReadHeads!!!!!

January 11, 2012 by VanHalenNation5150
Touchin Base ReadHeads!!!!!
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Whats up ReadHeads... Its no secret, I am a Van Halen Fanatic... especially, to the VAN HAGAR YEARS!!!!! Sammy has been my ultimate inspiration since I was 6.
I hope you all stop by my show sometime, VanHalenNation Radio show, with many many props to our boy SAM!!! for everything for ALL SAM!!
Theres a link for the show on my main page!!

SAM.... PLEASE DO STOP BY SOMETIME!!!! That would be the Ultimate!!! This week is Pat Walker, author of Dance with the Electric hummingbird, with lots of SAMMY reference!!!

She is great!! Till next time, see ya all in CABO and definitely on the Chickenfoot tour!!! Whos with me??!!

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