RedHead for LIFE!!!!!!!

December 17, 2011 by VanHalenNation5150
RedHead for LIFE!!!!!!!
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Hey RedHeads across the land(s).... I lost my last account... But Im back with all of ya, on this Long Road to Cabo!!!

Ready to connect with all of you.... especially, or Boy, Sam!!

I have created as, VH is what Im all about... It is Flooded with SAMMY....
VH, Sam, Wabos, Foot, and the clubs and restaurants!

See ya all in Cabo.... Praying to make it there one day! Hope for the 65th!!

God Bless....

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Thanks alot Brother!!! yes, I order my copy!!! Merry Christmas to you... 5150!!!!

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cool site. pat's book is front and center in the breaking news section.