August 14, 2014 by vallejouic

Well admin. It is getting real close to the Tahoe show. 2 more days. I hope you passed onto Sammy about playing eagles fly for jaycie bertuzzi our daughter that lost her life a few months ago in an accident. Eagles fly takes us to that place with her. Hearing it live now would have so much meaning. If not we will be at nite 3 in cabo. Please pass this on admin.....

Jim & Kris Bertuzzi

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Cindy. Thanks for the REDHEAD LOVE

He didn't play it but it still was a great show. He played DREAMS as the last song and it was still pretty special.

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Outstanding show.... Just seeing sammy in the most beautiful place on earth lifted our spirits!!! Even though they didn't play EAGLES FLY just being there lifted our spirits way up high where eagles fly... Tahoe was jaycies favorite place on earth. All we can hope for is that it is as beautiful where she is now as it is on her favorite place on this earth.....thanks for all the support all u REDHEADS....

So that leads us to nite 3 of the B Day Bash..... Please please please play EAGLES FLY for Jaycie....Jim and Kris and her brother Tanner.....admin. Please pass this on....

Jim Kris and Tanner Bertuzzi

We love u Jaycie!!!!!

I watch an eagle rise above the trees....
Project myself into what JAYCIE sees...

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Sammy fulfilling your request tonight would be so awesome. This is the link to our video from last year's birthday bash I promised you long ago. Sorry it took me so long to figure this out. Have fun tonight and long live the memories of Jaycie.


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Eagles Fly is such a sweet song ! . Sorry to hear of your loss. I hope time and special moments carry you though. I hope Sammy Sings it too. I am sure Jaycie is flying with the Eagles and Angels now.
God Bless your family