Eagles Fly

July 27, 2014 by vallejouic

I've been a fan for a long time and I usually don't do things like this but here goes. Our family recently lost our 21 year old daughter JAYCIE BERTUZZI in a tragic hiking accident on May 25 2014. She is the embodiment of the phrase "free spirt" she loves the outdoors loves being with nature and really loves her family friends and her soulmate Joe... My wife and I will be in Tahoe for the upcoming show and we also got lucky enough to get picked for nite 3 of the B Day bash.getting away to cabo will help us greatly with our feelings. The song eagles fly is so special to us. We played it at her service and it embodies everything about her. I see it hasn't been on the set list for the recent tour. I really hope you could add it for the Tahoe show. It would mean the world to us... I always loved the song but now it has so much more meaning to us. Hearing it live now would just be so special. And if you can't do it in Tahoe Please please please play it on nite 3 for JAYCIE. I hope admin can pass this onto Sammy.

Take me away. Common fly me away

Pick me up so high. WHERE EAGLES FLY!!

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Well it was a great show.... Sammy delivered as usual....but no eagles fly... That is ok. Nite 3 in cabo!!!!

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So sorry for your loss - I hope all redheads who read this can get him to play it for you. Sammy is a kind soul so I'm sure if admin lets him know - Sammy will make it happen.

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Thanks for your words. I agree he prob won't play it in Tahoe. The set list had pretty much been the same all nites so far. But nite 3 in cabo. Admin. Please get this post to Sammy. !!! Eagles fly nite 3 in cabo for JAYCIE!!!

Thanks so much
Jim & Kris

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I'm sorry to hear about the tragic loss of Jaycie. My heart tears for your family and friends. It's so cool that Eagles Fly is your favorite song. My wife and I have talked about it being played for me in that situation. Our son got married last Sept and it was his dance song with my wife. They attended their first Sammy concert at Downstream Casino in June. Unfortunately Sammy did not sing Eagles Fly.

We didn't get drawn for Cabo so we decided on StLouis show also. Concert was great, but Sammy didn't sing Eagles Fly. But to be honest, Eagles Fly really does not fit in with the History of Rock Tour. This is truly rock...Sammy singing Led Zeppelin. I really couldn't imagine it, but Sammy and the band sound great. If I were a betting man (which I am), I don't think he will sing it on tour, but will at bd bash. We were fortunate enough to see him 2x last year (only time ever drawn for Cabo).

We have an excellent video of Eagles Fly from 2013 bd bash. My email is shaw@iland.net for anyone interested.