Thanks for Your Music SAMMY!

November 16, 2013 by Valeriephipps
Thanks for Your Music SAMMY!
When Cancer Strikes, you loose! Need Kidney Transplant!

My husband is not famous, but he is my hero! He is a fighter, survivor, a man of principle who faithfully served his country in the Air Force. Now, he is fighting for his life every day! Cancer took both of his kidneys and he is now on Dialysis indefinitely living the quality of life he was now given. Shawn is waiting patiently for a Kidney Transplant , but it could take a long time.

It would be easy for anyone to give up at this point. Shawn keeps pressing on. He shows that he is a fighter every day. I heard him coming out of one of his surgeries singing "EAGLES FLY" by Sammy, as Shawn shivered with pain, but he tried to focus on the words as tears welled up in his eyes. I knew then my husbands pain was unbearable.
Please read his story on our website at We need your prayers, support, and help.

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