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David Doss
October 09, 2011
Carpentersville, IL
October 24

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Oct 9, 2011
No Sammy Hagar Music at Cabo Wabo Vegas for Karaoke??

Ok. So I'm at a Sammy Haggar's bar Cabo Wabo in Vegas,on a Sunday night, Oct.2nd, and they have a Karaoke thing going on here. So I figure ok I'll pick a Sammy Haggar song like "Heavy Metal" Which I've sung before for bands I've been in, and would have gon over pretty well there I thought. So when i put the request in I got from the guy running it, "Oh sorry sir we don't have any Sammy Haggar songs". Ok?? So I'll pick a Van Halen Song with Sammy in it, and again I got, "Oh sorry sir we don't have any Van Halen songs with Sammy Haggar in them" are you Fn kidding me!!

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