2017 birthday bash

April 15, 2017 by Trudifruti

Just wanted to know the dates for Sammys birthday bash in Mexico so i can be there.

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PLEASE need 1 ticket to B-Day Bash...10/9,10,11,12, or 13th not picky just want to go..leaving Cabo on 14th. Anything for sale out there???

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Hi, really hoping to get tickets to a couple of the birthday bashes!!!
Any idea what I need to do?
How can I make this happen?

Thanks guys!

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Hey hey hey... I called and left a message with Rockin Rhonda. Requested info on the 2017 Sammy's birthday bash. We live in Jefferson City Mo. I saw where you said 25 of you were going "got any room for 2 more" old rockers?

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We have booked our CABO arrangements.

We want to purchase BIRTHDAY BASH TIX.

PLEASE can someone direct us?

Andy & Terri Wood

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We booked our trip for October 5th through the 17th and will be staying at one of the finest resorts in Cabo which is the Sandos Finisterra. We tried to save a few bucks last year by staying somewhere else (Riu) and we have to say we will never stay there again! We were able to get tickets to 3 shows last year which was awesome! We really look forward to his 70th Bday bash! Was at El Paseo in Mill Valley last night for the first time and the food was great! We were told Sammy cancelled his dinner reservations and we had no clue he had reservations. Took my girl for her birthday and that would have been an awesome surprise! So close yet so far! Damn!

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My husbands been mentioning this event for years so I decided to try and surprise him for his birthday with this but I'm not sure how to go about booking this or what resorts I should look into. HEEEELPP :)

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If you are in or near St. Louis call Rockin Rhonda at TraveLink (314) 831-5465 and book your trip with them. Over 250 of us are going as a group. I figure it is a safe way to take my first trip to Cabo alone. Call them for details. I think you are close enough to St. Louis to give them a call. It will be lots of fun and lots of help and they have lots of events planned. It us an all-inclusive resort.

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The shows are all ways Oct.7th,9th,11th and Sammy's Birthday October 13th. This year is Birthday #70. Book early, even if you do not get picked Cabo is a great place to party and relax.

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The beat advice is to not wait until you see if your chosen to book. If you do prices are higher and resort choices are lower. The next is only put your name in the drawing for shows you can go to. It takes away chances from other people. The show only tickets will most likely be done by a lottery drawing. You will need to watch for an announcement in June/July on here and Sammy's FB. The tickets for show only looking to be $70. You are only allowed two per show and one entry per show per household. Do not exceed this or you will be thrown out of the process for tickets. There are also dinner/show type which are sold first come first serve at the Cabo Wabo. These typically are sold October 6th at noon for the 7th and 9th shows, and October 10th at noon for the 11th and 13th shows. These most likley will be $90 to $110 once again two per show. Oh and people camp out on the street 48 to 72 hours ahead of on sale to get them.

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Just saw this, this year will be our first time there, any advice?

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Lets just say you will be fine booking your trip for October 7th to 14th.I would not wait much longeras some of the resorts are booked up or near. Oh and if this is your first time and not familiar with how things work let us know.