b-day bash 10-13-2010

August 02, 2010 by truck371
b-day bash 10-13-2010

I think I got tix for the 13th?? I recieved an email confirmation from pay-pal, but not from redrockertickets. How is that possible. Does that mean I'm ok??? A little confused and worried. Anyone else have that problem??? HELP!!!!!

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Same thing here....I went into "my account" on the ticket site and it shows your purchase history. All my purchases were there including the one I didn't receive confirmation on. You are probably good to go.

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Hey man! I bought tix for the 8th & 13th. For both I have a Paypal & Redrocker confirmation. The Redrocker has an order number and the Paypal has a receipt number. Hope I helped. Good luck and with some luck we can grab a shot at the show!!

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Login to the Redrocketickets.com site

At the top of the page new the address bar it should have

Home -- Log Out -- My Account

Click My Account and it should show your order.