Photo Album, Texas Jam 1982 Dallas Tx.

May 21, 2011 by Treblemaker2
Photo Album, Texas Jam 1982 Dallas Tx.
Joan Jett
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It was a VERY hot day in June in Dallas TX back in 1982. I got to the concert early and saw the nervous scads of security volunteers checking bags for booze and cameras. I cautiously looked at them and then at my 20 pound camera bag I had slung over my shoulder and thought... No way. Two Cannon F1's, motor drives, Telephotos, wide angles, 20 rolls of film... Not a chance.
I notice this one security guy at the front of one of the groups of 10 security people. (There were about 6 groups of them in all at this side of the stadium.) This one guy looked like he was on a mission to be the best "by the book" officer of the whole bunch. I new that if I could get by at least HIM that I might have a chance. So when the two chicks tried to keep him form looking into their purses I made my move.
One security guy at the back of the group waved me through. He asked me what was in my bag. I told him the truth. I just said: "cameras." He asked if he could see in my bag, even though he looked like he felt he was imposing. I didn't resist, I just said "sure" and cheerfully unzipped the top of my camera bag. There, in full view, was my arsenal.
He asked: "So what kind of cameras are these?" I didn't understand and just said "Canon". He explained with: "No, I mean, these just take snapshots?" "Oh Yea! Just snapshots." He looked at me, smiled said "OK" and wished me a good day.
I was in.
Here's a link to my photo album of that day. I took nearly 400 shots that day and I only started posting them a few days ago. So far I have only a few posted of Joan Jett, Sammy Hagar and Carlos Santana. I have everything I have of Point Blank posted. But I have tons of shots of all aspects of the concert and lots of crowd shots. Here's the link, it's all free, thanks for coming by.
All the best, keep rockin.
Russ Skarsten
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Photo Album, Texas Jam 1982 Dallas Tx.
Carlos Santana
Photo Album, Texas Jam 1982 Dallas Tx.

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djbecjett's picture

I was sitting in the other end of the cotton bowl, could barely see the performers. I met my wife, Linda there. Married the same day (June 12), 1987. I'd love to see more pics., maybe you have one of me and my wife.

kramzzvr's picture

I WAS THERE! GREAT MEMORIES AND SHOW!!! Thanks for the post!

JamiefromKS's picture

Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!! And look at Sammy...... OH MY!!! : )