Sammy's Light Amazing!

September 17, 2012 by Tomigriffin
Sammy's Light Amazing!
Me and my son Mo
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It’s amazing riding the Sammy Hagar wave of enlightenment.
I was wrapped up in another world for so long that my Redhead cells lie dormant. Hibernating in the same way my “I Dream of Jeanie” obsession lie sleeping until I semi-recently analyzed my bedroom décor.
To know that the Birthday Bash existed was enough for me and to randomly hear Hagar tunes, I did happen to have “Remote Love” in my magic tune box when I was in Belgium teaching, so that song will forever be associated with that experience, until that song gets written into another experience. I knew Chickenfoot was Sammy, I laughed the first time I heard Chickenfoot announced on the radio and I was like, “No, that’s Sammy Hagar!”
Amazing watching the Redhead party in Roseville, amazing the student guitars presented. Amazing Sammy’s giving nature and pure of spirit attitude. And I could have been following that kind of stuff, on Facebook and here on the RedRocker site for quite some time-like since 2010. Yet I only started following along after I began writing the juke-box musical. I read his book a full six months, I believe, before I found the Red Rocker website. Oh yes, when I purchased tickets to Cabo for the Birthday Bash is when I found the site looking for Birthday Bash tickets, yeah that’s the ticket! But alas I failed at procuring said tickets as I was a lonesome loser in the lottery. I only registered for one day, October 11th, because I can only be down there a short time as funding is low at the time as most of you all well know.
But the point being, Sammy lights up where ever he goes, I had no idea he was as nice of a guy as he is, before I read his book and started following along, I only knew how his music made me feel. I hope he likes my plays! That would be amazing!
See you guys in Cabo (that’s if my son’s passport gets here and the gods are with me). If you want a copy of the plays to read while you wait in line let me know!

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Sammy's Light Amazing!
1988 height of REDHEAD Days (until now)