Mo will NOT be FACE DOWN in CABO

October 01, 2012 by Tomigriffin
Mo will NOT be FACE DOWN in CABO
He's only 14
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Not really understanding the procedure to go for the second chance tickets, I put my pass code in and it really doesn’t say what you’re supposed to do at 9:00 AM tomorrow. Doesn’t really matter any old ways, because what it did say is- the dreaded what I thought, “over 21” which “eightysixes” my lovely 14 year old (10/08/98) almost six foot tall body guard. I don’t think I shall be roaming Mexico alone, besides I am teaching class at 9:00 AM tomorrow. And speaking of teaching class, or just darn right being a teacher, I had a rather hard, long, overwhelming teaching day that only ones who teach might sympathize with (the ones so crazy-busy and stressful you blub and don’t even know why). So back to the problem of not being able to take my son to the bash and teaching; my son has been forced to become a Sammy Hagar fan. I guess then, I was forced to be a Beatles fan by my mother. Oh well, such is life of a kid that gets dragged around the world by his mom. Oh yeah, obviously his passport came! I hope to teach a whole new generation Sammy’s classic music through my plays.
I am juggling a trip to Maryland to see OO7 before the trip to Cabo. Mo and I arrive in Cabo on the 10th around 2:00 PM and are staying at the Villa Del Mar Beach Resort. We will mosey and try to have lunch or at least get to stop by Cabo Wabo and drop off our gift and meet some Red Heads. Hopefully some of you will be at the Villa Del Mar. If not look for us, we look pretty much the same as this photo. I don’t know what activities we plan to do, just hang, relax, eat, shop, whatever; I am just thankful to be relaxing and enjoying Cabo!

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Um.. it's a BAR! Did you really think you would be able to take a 14-year-old to the show??? Really?? LMAO!!

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If you were given the link (via email) for the 2nd chance drawing, you then would enter the password and click the "buy tickets" button which should be activated @ 9am. That button was near the upper left corner.