The Life of a Drama Teacher

March 20, 2014 by Tomigriffin
The Life of a Drama Teacher
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I just procured myself a new set of coveralls/overall, Carhartts to be exact. After two trips to Sears, and the dreaded mall with no luck, I finally succumb to ordering on the internet. I hope they fit. Point being I wanted the ones that look like the ones my man wears. I find a man in work clothes; you know heavy work, sexy. I guess he does too, I mean, like the work clothes thing, he likes me best in my Carhartts/overalls/coveralls whatever, I have worn out three pair in our relationship tenure. He’s off again, working, as I finally get a chance to write, six days into spring break, where I’ve done literally nothing but catch up since he left, and I am still not caught up. The life of a teacher; and a theatre teacher at that. Our Town looms immediately when school starts up, a new principal is taking over, I’ve asked for a raise at school, my son has had a miracle girlfriend since Christmas time that has pulled him somewhat out of the trenches of the abyss of teenage angst only to have her family moving them across the nation to Florida at the end of this school year. My focus, or most important focus, is of course my son, his health and happiness. I contacted an agent who wants to package my Donny Osmond jukebox musical (if I can get all the permission). I have done the preliminary ground work on all permissions requested but have yet to get a response from Donny, and only Sony/ATV of the copious music publishing/song publishing companies has gotten back to me on permission and royalty payment information, and even Sony hasn’t given permission or price yet. It’s a wonder that jukebox musicals get produced at all. I guess my next step is send the email request again, and package all for snail mail request as well? We are producing, again, under the ascap education umbrella The Road to Shambala but have requested permission and royalty payment package from all the publishers that be as well. It’s funny these music publishing companies don’t want to make money? Why don’t they get back to you? So the metaphorical pounding of payment continues. My students debated the superiority of The Road to Shambala over Sweet and Innocent in an argumentative paragraph for PARCC and Common Core preparation after Sweet and Innocent being the interest of the literary agent and a possible Broadway package. The majority thinking that The Road to Shambala has better music and theme. Some students, though, the ones who’ve gotten the privilege of reading Buying My Way into Heaven (RED), think that the raw, gritty realism of RED makes it a better script, which doesn’t matter anyway without the Red Rocker’s permission. So there I am, or here I am, in my fiftieth year wondering about the choices I’ve made in life. Our culture influences our creative thought and there is nothing original under the sun, only the scaffolding to build something new. It is our influences that give us inspiration yet, we still continue to doubt that maybe success with this particular project is not meant to be, then you think but it IS Sammy Hagar and Donny Osmond that influenced so much creativity in my life and they taught me/the world not to give up on our dreams. So I am putting it out there again, the world needs a Sammy Hagar musical and a Donny Osmond musical, and The Road to Shambala is just damn cute especially if you love The Wizard of Oz. The Road to Shambala is a great way to introduce children to diversity. So hurry Carhartts get here, so I can continue to build with my students and create a new version of Shambala for future advertisement and package sales. Let my son’s involvement in this project influence his happiness. Stay tuned. AND I am massively bummed that Sammy and The Wabos will be here on April 5th, which of course is OUR TOWN. The life of a DRAMA TEACHER!!!!!

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The Life of a Drama Teacher
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