July 18, 2013 by Tomigriffin

Go away little bear, go away medium sized bear, black bear just “Go away!!!” I am not supposed to be alone with you.
I am back where eagles fly. Wolf Creek, Alaska where I pen my hopefully someday famous juke box musicals. I just finished the rough draft of my latest, “Sweet and Innocent” done with the greatest hits of Donny Osmond. “The Road to Shambala” with the greatest hits of Three Dog Night is currently being shopped by producers; and not yet after one year of personal and electronic attempts have I heard anything from the Red Rocker camp besides (we have passed on the scripts to Sammy and his manager to enjoy), no endorsement or comments thus far on” Buying My Way Into Heaven” with the music of Samuel Roy Hagar, my spiritual enlightenment piece.
After observing four rather large eagles fly past the bay view bedroom window I share with my spouse OO7, on our island Shangri-La, I am placated that this flying feathered fowl foretaste assures me that God, and the god of all rock and roll stars, and I are linked in the cosmos. So patience is my friend.
I am excited to begin work-shopping” Sweet and Innocent” with my students when I return down south to commence another school year.
This year has been different in the company that has tagged along with me on my annual sojourn-a high school friend, fellow artist and dog lover (the tallest girl in school for all those who went to school with me) is with me and gone is my teenage son Morrison James aka Mojo, who stayed south and attended camp in Oregon so he could be with kids his own age. Unfortunately, Mojo missed our Dingo Dog’s obsession with the two seals that tease the pooch daily by flapping their tails until the cute k9 swims out in the bay to meet them-only to have the sea-dogs dive and come up and slap their tails again yards away. It looks to me as if the seals are saying, “hehe hehehe can’t catch me land doggie”. I promised Mojo to watch carefully over our pup pup-but in the great outdoors which is monikered “Seward’s Follies”, that it is nearly impossible to keep a curious k9 behind on my daily hikes; when a pod of killer whales swam past the place, OO7 did make sure to hold the Dingo’s collar and we were careful not to alert the pup to their presence. How do I explain to my son that our dog was devoured by killer whales? I also had to communicate with a rather large eagle that was thinking about my dog; I could see it in his eyes, I could. “That’s my baby” I said when Eagle and I had eye contact. It gave me a look that said, “He’s too big, I was just thinking about it.”
I do believe, though, that our doggie is smarter than I realize as for the first time in the 12 years I have vacationed in this Alaskan wilderness, I came, or should I say a bear came rather close to where I was enjoying my daily meditational, exercise dance hike. I know the score- make lots of noise etc. (I always do-singing at the top of my lungs whatever songs I am working on at the time). This year on my first hike I spied several piles of what I determined to be bear scat but didn’t really think too much on’t. But a few days ago whilst I was visualizing to the Donny Osmond song, “Go Away Little Girl” at my waterfall platform I heard a mighty crashing behind me (which was hard to hear considering I was listening to the 70s Teen Bop Star in my earphones AND the waterfall itself is rather loud) but a crashing sound I did hear to turn around and see a rather medium sized black bear across the ravine from me! I didn’t totally freak as there was a ravine between us, and I immediately started fumbling with my iphone to get the video going, started worrying about Dingo Dog maybe pursuing chase while singing” Go Away Little Bear, Go away medium sized bear”, that’s a black bear not the scary brown bear, oh maybe I should be scared?” Go away bear, you go!” It ran faster then and disappeared into the dense forest before I could get the video going. It was big, not a cub, cubs are what you really gotta be watching out for. Or their mothers that is. So I decided to ascend from my waterfall haven to tell the tale to our company. Since then I have been a little more aware on my hikes and Dingo Dog stays closer. In fact the very next hike he wouldn’t move from the dance platform. He’s better now, but today we realized that there is a fallen tree that goes across that ravine so if the bear, or a bear, or if we wanted, a traverse could be done quite easily. Hmmmm, food for thought. I do not want to be food for thought.
It’s been a warm one, the whole trip from leaving Mesa, a stay in Las Vegas with a glorious Vegas show The Beatles “Love”. Ten days with the family in Oregon then the long drive through Beautiful British Colombia to Hyder, AK where OO7 fetches us in his spy-plane. I finished reading the Bible a mere two years to the date (Independence Day) that I commenced the epic historical saga; this 4th of July having several momentous happenings such as Dingo Dog’s second birthday among the list of “There is a God after all” events in my life. Most importantly, I finished the first draft on my newest musical, and I am happy, as long as I am not caught alone with the bear again.

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