High Hopes

August 15, 2012 by Tomigriffin
High Hopes
Go Big RED!
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Hello Fellow Redheads!
I have been MIA and not able to check your blogs or updates since school started almost. I am lost in a sea of academics, my principal called my sophomore English team the quarterbacks of the football team today; that’s a lot of pressure when you consider Arizona is 48th in the Nation for academics and the school’s grade/reputation/monies/etc.etc. are contingent upon the sophomore AIMS scores. I am a theatre teacher, ya so I was smart enough to pass the Highly Qualified English teacher proficiency exam but you know, “I don’t like coloring inside the box”. So with that said, you cannot find a harder worker than me so I should just relax right? Wrong, I am an over achiever. Tell that to an over achiever.

Whatever, I did get to read the first half of Heavy Metal High Musical/Buying My Way Into Heaven with my students and they are digging it, and they don’t even get the Sammy Hagar allusions. Another fellow Redhead on this site read the screenplay version and I quote “I must say that I’m very impressed. I cannot believe how many times that my neck hair stood on end when a song would begin at the right time, so properly placed, so properly chosen”.
I am hoping after we read next week we’ll get the band and vocalists ready to make a demo song, finish the package to give to Sammy and send it away through my magic box into the sky to Sammy’s magic box; and hope he responds soon, as I need to get a proposal to my admin and fellow teachers if they are to participate in this school wide commitment to higher level thinking and I mean literally as well as figuratively. We’ve got “High Hopes”. Hike.

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