Don't Stop Me Now

August 01, 2012 by Tomigriffin
Don't Stop Me Now
Renaisance REDHEAD
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It truly is funny that I didn’t experience the extreme melancholia that most REDHEADS did with not winning the Birthday Bash ticket lottery.

I don’t know whether I am considered a TRUE REDHEAD or not, never having seen Sammy at the Birthday Bash, but having visited Cabo and the Cantina several times and seeing Sammy in concert several times (upfront fanatic at one), wearing RED for years and writing him a stage and screenplay based on his music, I FEEL like a TRUE REDHEAD. Lost my t-shirt in a traveling accident.

I admitted in an earlier entry, that I once was an up-front fanatic, Sammy touched my hand, Eugene Oregon 1983. But this method of cutting through the crowd just like a wedge, is frowned upon now and, well , we’re now all just too old. I would be. Besides in my older-age, I am twenty five really, I really don’t like the mass crowd thing anyway, and I certainly am not a heavy drinker. I may attempt a shot of Sammy’s tequila, but, I mean, you gotta do that. I believe the one time I had a drink in the Cantina was 2002, I think I had a margarita or maybe two, my own hubby Sam was with me, and we were, like, the only people in the bar! It must have been two margaritas as I remember molesting my husband (this was our second date) in the back seat of his client’s car on the drive back to the massive compound/house/ property we were staying. Oooh I think I’ll post a picture. Not of the molestation, of me and my Sam oo7, at the compound. Git yer minds outta the gutta!

But TRUE REDHEAD or not we Sammy fans have it in our power to have a great time in Cabo anyway! I am really looking forward to having people to hang with down there as I will be with my ever faithful companion my 14 year old son whom I take everywhere with me, drug that kid through Europe, I did. (As a teacher I got paid, it’s not like I am rich or something) which brings me to my point. This Birthday Bash was on my bucket list, and I don’t think I will be able to do it again as there are far too many other things to do with my October break as a teacher. (Ha usually I work on building sets, in fact broke my arm building sets two years ago working on my first professional musical with Three Dog Night). So I will send our Mr. Hagar, my scripts electronically and hand the hard copy present, wrapped like a Soap opera gift in ravishing RED, to someone at the Cantina to give to Sammy. That’s all I can do. I’ll need his permission to continue with the process of selling/producing/publication/filming etc. of movie and playscripts. It took Three Dog Night’s business office three months to get back to me, not bad really, but when I handed them (their manager) the script at a concert, the members themselves got back to me in two days!

So I officially start back to school tomorrow where I will have the cast and crew to start putting together a proposal and to fine tune the scripts. I am lucky I have the atmosphere of my script at school with me every day. I am truly lucky! If you, TRUE Redheads, want to read it, please email me and I will email you a copy, WGA copyright 2012.

Oh and watch my very first video ever! My ever faithful companion my 14 year old son (he turns 14 in October, in Cabo) is a freshman at my school, RED Mountian, this year and is taking the class. So I assume my videos, in the future, will be better. As we all go on this trip to Cabo, for my Bucket List needs a scratch.

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Don't Stop Me Now
and oo7 day after 2nd date