Ain't Got No Friend blues.

June 27, 2012 by Tomigriffin
Ain't Got No Friend blues.
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Hey anybody else having probs friending people on this site? It just gives me this swirlie thingy. Maybe I am just unpopular. So if your're feeling unpopular, I'll be your fellow Redhead friend if you can make it happen. LOL! Don't let me miss tickets to the BB PLEASE! My son and I are going for his 14th birthday!

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Thanks Redheads, I gots friends now!!!!

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Right click & open it under a new tab or new window OR disable your pop up blocker....then we can all be friends!

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I seem to be able to friend others...hmmm....anyway, not sure if they will let under 18 years old in? Maybe if they play outside again you could sneak him in? I'd check with the Cantina to see if he's allowed (maybe if you ask Sammy pretty please he'd get him on the VIP list).
Anyway, let me know where you're from & where you're planning on staying, this will be our 7th trip down, saw Sammy twice already, you should also plan on doing some other things when down there, snorkeling, day trip to Todos Santos...lots to do! See U N Cabo!

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Yep, I had the same problem Tomi. Maybe we'll see you at the BB! If you're on Facebook, go to the "Redhead Family" group and join....they keep everyone updated!