My Life Sucks!!! Make It Better

July 26, 2010 by Tom Wolf

My life has been one miserable piece of shit Sammy. From a military man to a cop. Been a cop for pushin 20 years and it sucks big time!!! It's a no win situation. If the thugs ain't bitchin about us, our bosses are fuckin us as hard as they can!!!

My birthday, the big 45, is this September 2nd, and you're gonna be close to me, at Riverbend in Cincinnati with Aerosmith. I'd love to hook up with you and enjoy myself at least one time before I leave this fucked up world we live in. I know you probablly get this type of shit from everyone but believe me....It would help me a lot to ROCK OUT with you and see what it's like to have fun again. Lookin forward to hearing from you RED ROCKER!!!


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 3  Redhead Comments

ktanton's picture

Hey Tom - go buy the Chickenfoot CD and it will rock your world back into shape...sorry your hurting...keep smiling dude...

TahoWabo55's picture

So sorry to hear that your not happy with your life...but seeing Sammy will turn that around! Go buy yourself a ticket (a birthday present to yourself) to the show and have a great time with some even greater people around you!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

sometimes listening to Sammy is all that gets me through the day. It's hard not to be positive with him in your ear.

Keep the faith man, things aren't always so awful. I try to live by the "it could always be worse" philosophy. Us Virgos are tough birds, we always survive.♥