Bday Bash First Timers

August 02, 2017 by Tom DiGuglielmo

Did not score tickets but we are ready to party in Cabo

As of right now we are planning on standing in line for dinner tickets--
Can anyone give me some info--like I said this is our first time in Cabo

50th BDay celebration for me!!!

Dinner tickets --is that dinner only---or dinner and show???

I have been reading that ppl stand in line for hours-is that like camp out overnight hours??

I def want to make every attempt to get tickets--just wanted to get some input from some of the veterens out there---

Any info would be greatly appreciated---Thanks in advance

See Ya In Cabo!!!!

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Cabogirl731's picture

Hey Laura...Can't wait to party with you this year in Cabo!!!

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Hi Tom,
The dinner tickets get you dinner and the show. Yes people will camp out for these ticket. How many days? It can be a few days or longer. Good luck !!! C U N Cabo.