New Tattoo

September 23, 2010 by tinam042

I got a new really awesome tattoo of Sammy and I want to get it signed by him at the Fresno Fair. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this done?

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I don't think you can get up to the stage at the fair, so will see. We are right behind you, Section D row 2 seats 1-6. See ya there!!!!

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Just try to get close to the stage and have a sharpie ready. He moves fast. When I met Sammy in Oakland he was hesitant to sign my arm for a tattoo, He told me "Don't do it bro, you'll regret it." After I told him it had to be done he agreed and the next day I got my tat. Hopefully your tat is in an easy place to sign. Good Luck, see you at the show. Section D Row 1 Seats 6-10.

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The only way to get that done is to be close enough to Sammy to ask him to do it. If you have stage tickets (you may be able to ask him as he's walking through the risers), a seat in the front row, meeting him through a m&g, ect...
Good luck!!! Post a pic of your tat so we can see :)