November - December Honeymoon!!

June 19, 2011 by timothiefielder

Hello Redheads!

I've got a few questions that don't seem to be getting answered for me on various Facebook pages!!

1. Is Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill still going at JFK Airport in New York City?? We're flying into New York for our Honeymoon all the way from Melbourne, Australia in November and the first place I want to eat when I get in, is Sammy's! Also since it's near on impossible to get Red Rocker gear sent to Australia, have they got any T's or anything available there?? Or Cabo Tequila?? I can't find it anywhere over here.

2. I've pretty much brainwashed my fiance into being obsessed with the Red Rocker and instead of turning down the stereo when we get into the car, she now turn's it up and has started singing to it in the car, so I'm doing pretty well for a 26 year old, not needing to much brainwashing to get the RED message across.
So here's the deal, we're going to be along the east coast, but if a show comes up, since I'm in charge of the flights and stuff I'm going to try and get us a show and even if we have to fly across the country for it, IT MUST BE DONE! So the question is, is there VIP packages or something where you get kick ass seats/standing and get to meet the great man himself???

Lets Hope So!!

Cheers guys!!

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haha cheers mate!!
thanks for your help!

Mas Tequila!!


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Hi, It won't be in the Duty Free stores, but once you start to travel around the US, you will be able to find it everywhere in just about any liquor store!! Just pack a few bottles with your dirty cloths around them for the trip home!!
Doug aka "CWG"

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Hey Doug,
thanks for the help mate. Sounds great!
Might be a silly question, but is the tequila a big enough brand to be able to buy at the Duty Free stores at the Airports??
thanks for the help mate!!

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Hi Here's some info!
1. Yes it's still there in Terminal 7. Get more info at They will have Beach Bar & Grill items for sale. Tequila to drink but not take!
2.Normally Sammy kind of takes it easy after the Birthday Bash down in Cabo in October! If anything get's booked this will be the place to find out about it! Click on events for more info! And yes there are special on stage tickets to be had! Click on Red Rocker store & find Stage Tickets. They normally go for $200 but a meet & greet is not part of the package...but sometimes you get lucky!
Best regards & congrats on the up coming nuptials!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"