CABO WABO Tequila FINALLY hitting Australia next week at Dan Murphy's

August 18, 2011 by timothiefielder

Hey everyone, I've been speaking frequently to Dan Murphy's here in Australia and looks like we're getting CABO WABO Tequila here in Australia as of next week.
Sounds great right...??
Well I'm not sure yet. They gave me prices for both

Blanco $72 bottle
Reposado $75 bottle

Its a pretty big difference to what the online prices are but today the manager of the Berwick store told me that he wasn't %100 sure of the size.

I'll buy it anyway, but at that price, compared with pretty much every other brand its really expensive.

See how we go,
just wanted to let all you Aussie Redheads know!!


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benisme_123's picture

thanks for posting this, i've been looking for it for a while now, let you know how i go.



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75 isnt too bad , its 90 for the reposado in our liquor stores on the west coast of canada. One good thing , we are a hop skip and a jump from the US where its 35 a bottle.