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November 08, 2010 by TimMcNulty

Hey moderators of the video page - can you take down all the new Jesusy videos? It's so fucking annoying. Really? You're going to proselytize on the Sammy Hagar fan site? Please spare us.

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Absolutely. There's a time and place for everything. When I click on Sammy's site I want info on Sammy and his legion of awsome fans. That's it! We went to the b-day bash on Oct 8th 2010 for the first time. Hope to get back again. Being from Massachusetts (please don't hold that against me) it's quite a haul. Sure would like to get the band to gig at Cabo Wabo. If anyone was there that week I was the guy with the guitar tattoos. My singer and I sat in with the Cabos on Tuesday the 5th and I sat in with them on Thursday night the 7th. As always the audience was awsome. If anyone was there please drop us a line on our guest book on site below.


Lou T.
Through The Doors(.com)

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I had a conversation with this guy on his blog. He seemed cool when I asked him if we could keep this place about music and Sammy, but i guess i was talking to the wall, oh well. The part that sucks is, you cant tell what kind of video you are clicking on until it starts. This dude sucks! (sorry if that offended anyone)

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I agree, it's not Sammy related therefor shouldn't be here...but unfortunately crap like that happens everywhere. It's up to Admin as to what gets pulled...if it doesn't get pulled, ignore it I suppose.
As to my earlier post, I just thought it was funny the way he phrased it LOL!!

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Hey I personally have no problem with anyone wanting to express their views on anything, but there are proper places for certain views. On the internet today you can find a topic specific blog space or message board for just about anything you want to praise or chastise, so, maybe some people should maybe try to keep that in mind??



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LOL, I'm not taking sides here, I honestly couldn't care less either way...but think about what your may be annoyed by a person's religious videos...ever think some may be annoyed or offended by your profanity??? LOL!!! Not me, don't get me wrong... just trying to make a point, I thought it was pretty funny the way you said it. :D

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Admin has been e-mailed regarding this, give them some time, they're usually pretty good about taking care of that sort of stuff.