Go There Once, Be There Twice

April 05, 2011 by themay_or

Sammy, congratulations on #1 best seller list. I hope you would please update us on when the new movie Go There Once, Be There Twice is scheduled for release. I am anxious to see that. If anyone knows when please let me know.

Thanks Sammy and Redheads


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Go see in in SOCal at the Riverside Film Festival Saturday the 9th, or the Lake Arrowhead festival on Saturday the 16th.


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Hagar: The documentary I’ve been working on for twenty-one years. There’s old footage in there that’ll blow your mind. In this documentary we have Van Halen opening the Cabo Wabo, sitting downtown with an acoustic guitar with no one around. It’s in there. I’ve been filming this thing from day one. In life nowadays; when you see a documentary on Elvis Presley, you see the same damn footage over and over. Wouldn’t you love to see some new footage? But you can’t because it’s too late now. I was determined to document everything I do. It’s fantastic, and it really tells the story. It’s got a lot of hi-def interviews with me and other people that explain how it happened. This birthday bash thing, it’s the most fantastic thing I’ve ever created, its way beyond any of my other ventures. For this birthday bash, all the hardcore fans from around the world would start getting in line and sleeping on the street a couple days before the shows just so they’d get in, because it only holds about eight hundred people and there’s about two thousand people trying to get in per night. So they know now that if the line-up is down to that telephone pole, fans go, “Aw shit!” and then they just park it there for the next night. Once I started seeing this I started talking to the fans, and it’s the story of how a small, sleepy Mexican fishing village got turned into the biggest party there is! All the locals are like, “What the fuck?!” but everybody makes money off it. The furniture store around the corner brings furniture out and rents it to the guys in line. They’ll sell these guys pillows, we bring them tacos, we set up porta-potties for them, and it’s turned into the coolest thing. I love this movie, I’ve spent a quarter of a million dollars myself on this movie and I haven’t found one place to sell it. I might sell it on the internet, but what are you going to sell? A thousand copies? This is a labor of love; this is a gift back to my fans and the people. I showed a longer version to fans in Cabo for my birthday last year, I had a two-hour unedited version, it was a really rough. They stood up and cheered like the Rocky Horror show. Toby Keith is playing, Ted Nugent’s playing, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony, myself. It’s fantastic.

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The perfect release date would be the end of May! It will be the Cabo Wabo Cantina's 21st Birthday too!