Go There Once...Be There Twice Film Festival Campaign

June 13, 2011 by theeditor
Go There Once...Be There Twice Film Festival Campaign
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Help "Go There Once...Be There Twice", get accepted at a film festival near you. Go to the movie website at:

By clicking on the cat in the hat logo at the top right of the site, you can play a part in bringing the movie to these cities: Indianapolis, Rhode Island, Albuquerque, San Diego, Woodstock, Port Townsend, Miami, Hamptons, Austin, Hawaii, New Orleans, Mill Valley, Savannah, Orlando, Philadelphia, Memphis

With just a couple of clicks you can send an email to a festival near you.

I hope that all the redheads get a chance to see the movie near your city. Our last festival got great reviews, and won "Best Achievement in Film" award. Look for it next at the San Antonio film festival June 26th.

Thanks for all your efforts to help it get shown.


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Go There Once...Be There Twice Film Festival Campaign

 2  Redhead Comments

theeditor's picture

Thx Darlene. Your everywhere!!! Today with your help I asked 50,000+ Sammy Hagar fans to send an email to these festivals to get our movie played.

Pretty amazing stuff. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the festivals listen.

RIRedrocker's picture

I love how this little intimate film is making its rounds across the whole country! I emailed RI and Philly! I'm psyched, this is the first Sammy related anything that's been in RI since 1997! If any group can rally together to get this shown, it's the Redheads!!!